I really love the new Ed Sheeran songs so I had to give a try ♥

So this is my bedroom! I know, Christmas is over, but don’t tell me they aren’t looking beautiful :’) It was really hard to record myself singing, I felt so shy please take it easy on me hahahahah

Special thanks to @Akiseadan who helped me with the recording. And thanks to our photography teachers too lol

I hope you like it!

Sorry not airhorns this time 🙁

Patrons contributed to the making of this video. Thank you Aidan, Kasshokumerika, Sojiro, Cassie and Ultimatemariolover!

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● Original song: Shape of you (by Ed Sheeran)
● Vocals/mix/video: Dari (@DariuskiS4)

Source by Dariuski


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